Thursday, 22 March 2012

Time to say goodbye

Manchester - well worth a visit!
Picture: Shutterstock
Today I conducted my last walking tour.  I've offered them for the past couple of years and have had the great pleasure of showing hundreds of Canadians, New Zealanders, Irish, British and Australian fans around Manchester pointing out many of the Corrie links to the city centre and to Salford.  I want to thank every one of you - and also all the Corrie cast members we've bumped into along the way - each one has spent a few minutes chatting with my guests.

Increasing non-Corrie business committments mean that I simply no longer have the time to devote to the tours - so I'm putting away my Weatherfield Recorder for good.

This year will also be my last as guide for the Kemptville Travel tour from Canada - again, I've had a very happy dozen years working with them and I thank them and all the people I've met during those years.

The only tours I'll be doing from now on are one day coach ones - but only every so often and I'll post details as and when I get them on this blog.

New Corrie Studios going up!

The new Corrie studio block.  Picture copyright: M Llewellin
Yes, work continues apace at the site of the new Corrie studios.  This morning I got the chance to take a closer look as the steelwork for the main studio and office block is going up.
In the main MediaCity area, where the famous Blue Peter garden is situated, there are signs now appearing directing visitors towards the Coronation Street set - not that visitors will be admitted of course, or indeed, catch a glimpse of the street set which will be hidden by the studio block.

It's quite ironic that the studios should move to this site.  When Granada TV was looking for its first home, back in the 50s, the owners chose a site near here.  But as the car was taking Mr Bernstein back to the station in Manchester they passed an ampty site in Quay Street and he decided that was an even better locations for his studios.

The new signage.  Picture copyright: M Llewellin