Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Fantasy Tram Crash

I have no inside knowledge and haven't read much of the press speculation but here's what I'd do (well, maybe!) with the tram crash ...

It's opening night at the Joinery and Nick and Leanne are holding a party.  Meanwhile, Liz has decided to have her own rival event and stages a  'Weatherfield's Got Talent' evening .  Many of the residents are torn between supporting one or the other and some have decided to play it safe by going to both venues in turn.  During the course of the evening there's an explosion at The Joinery and the roof caves in causing a tram to crash over the vaiduct and into the Kabin.  Debris is thrown across the street and the Corner Shop catches fire.  Inside, Dev has called in to collect a loaf of bread on his way back home to Sunita from the Joinery party.  He is thrown through the window and into the street, where he lies dead.  Sunita will eventually leave Weatherfield to start a new life elsewhere. 
Meanwhile, across the road Rita's been kept up by the loud music playing in the new club and as she watches TV in bed with a cup of Horlicks the tram slices the wall off and causes the roof to collapse on her.  She is trapped under the wood and slates and it will be several episodes before we see her rescued.  She survives with only cuts and bruises. 
Deirdre has been supporting Liz but Ken has not long left the Rovers for the Joinery do (he feels he has to show his face) and she dashes up the street shouting his name.  After a few neck-tightening moments Ken emerges from their house, where he's just gone to use the loo and read the latest issue of the Wetherfield Recorder.  Others emerge from the Rovers - Jim McDonald (who's been staying at the Rovers) and Becky, Fiz and John amongst them.  Tyrone, cradling baby Jack, steps out from his home.  Molly had stormed out after a row and he isn't sure where she is. 
Leanne throws debris off herself and touches the lifeless body of Nick.  He is dead.  Gail and David emerge from the dust but in doing so they trip over Janice's dead body.  Carla is rescued by Michelle.  Things will never be the same for Carla, who thought she was going to die.  She later embarks on charity work and she joins the Salvation Army. 
Jim knows Steve went to the Joinery, though Liz does not.  He rushes in to find him.  As he pulls him from the rubble a joist gives way.  Steve escpaes but Jim dies a hero so he does.
Norris and Emily arrive on the scene as Graeme and Tina arrive in a cab, back from a night out in town.  They try to help but then the emergency services arrive and they are sent to the end of the street where they huddle around Maxine's bench.  Tyrone begs them - have they seen Molly?  Carla says she did - she was sat next to her in the club.  Molly is later found dead. 
Kevin and Sally look desperately for Sian and Sophie but they can't be found.  It transpires later that they left the Joinery early and are in the gay village.  Kevin eyes baby Jack.
Sean's body is carried out. He'd told Liz he was having the night off because he was ill but he'd gone to support Leanne.  His body is discovered along with that of Peter Barlow.  Eileen and Jason thank their stars that they came home early until someone points a finger at Jason.  Just what did he and Owen do when they were refurbishing the club?
Lloyd and the Windasses appear on the scene.  Gail then starts screaming - Audrey went to touch her make-up up in the loo, where is she?  A woman's body is brought out.  David takes a look and announces that it's Audrey.  However, as the hours go by, Audrey is rescued but it's touch and go whether she'll walk again.  Betty eventually arrives in a taxi having heard the news of Weatherfield FM and she sets up a soup kitchen in the Rovers.  The Rev. Mike arrives and so do the media. 
Evetually, the site is searched and secured.  Dev, Molly, Nick, Peter, Jim, Janice and Sean are all dead.

Tinsel and Cobbles

I'm just back from what should have been a great trip to the US and Canada for the fall (New York, Boston, Rhode Island, St John, Halifax, Quebec, St John's).  Sadly the weather was pretty dreadful ... so it's was good rather than great!  My favourite was Halifax, where Corrie fan Mike Shacklock took me on a great tour!  However, I'm now back to work with lots of Corrie things to do and lots of Christmas things also.

I was at Granada the other day where I spotted a tram incongruously balanced on top of Stage One.  Many of the cast (past and present) were popping in to film bits for a tribute show to Bill Tarmey (to be aired on the day his final episodes get shown, which I think is Nov 8th) and for the show looking at the 50 'best' scenes/stories to be broadcast for the anniversary.  Incidentally, I am currently reading Bill's book and it's very good.

Over the next few weeks I'm involved in the following events, which I hope to see some of you at:

Tonight - Tue 19 Oct, 6.30pm: Oldham Local Studies Library, Union St, Oldham.  Talk on Coronation St (£2 admission)
Wed 27 Oct, 10am.  A day touring some Corrie locations.  £15 each.  Organised by the Oldham Chronicle newspaper and leaving from their offices on Union St, Oldham.  Call 0161 633 2121 or visit http://www.oldham-chronicle.co.uk/ to book.  I believe there are still places to be had!
Sat 6 Nov, 12.45.  I'm donning a white beard and playing a role (guess who!) in Santa's Real Reindeer Parade in Oldham town centre.  This is my 11th year - and it's always something I look forward to.  The parade includes marching bands, panto characters, Sportacus and lots more - plus the real reindeer of course!
Sun 21 Nov, 4.20pm.  I'm hosting Oldham's Christmas Lights Switch-On and Fireworks.  They really are very good - and it's free!  Peppa Pig will be pressing the button at about 5pm.  See http://www.visitoldham.co.uk/ for more details.